Hi! I’m Javy Gwaltney. I am a meat bag who makes things with words. Here is a collection of those wordthings.


I have an essay on Wolfenstein: The New Order in Shooter, a collection of essays focused on first-person shooter video games.

Interactive Fiction


The Right Side of Town

The Terror Aboard The Speedwell

You Were Made For Loneliness

Games Criticism and Essays

Kill Screen

“The Toxicity and Empathy of Social Media, in Videogame Form.”


“Size Isn’t Everything: 7 Things Games With Huge Worlds Need To Do Better”

“5 Bad Games That Are Actually Kind of Good”

The 5 Most Lovably Loathsome Video Game Henchman.”

“5 Storytelling Tricks Video Games Need To Ditch.”

“Games For Adults: Dropsy the Clown Just Wants To Give You a Hug”

“Phones and Tablets Are Helping Keep This Classic Game Genre Alive”

“Some Games Do More Than Just Stick With You.”

“Take Aim And Don’t Miss These 10 Amazing Shooters From The Last Decade.”

“Words Are Your Weapons in These 10 Retro Text Games”

“Wasting Time on Games Without Graphics”

“When Video Game Characters Fall Victim To The Daily Grind.”

“Why Word Games Are Funnier With Stephen Colbert.”

Paste Magazine

Alien: Isolation review

“Day in the Life: Disability and Representation in Videogames”

Disability, Diversity, and Evolution in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Game of Thrones: Episode One review

Go to Bed: Survive the Night review

I Am Bread review

“Space Jam: The Games of Antholojam”

Tales From The Borderlands: Episode One review

“To Each and Every Star: The Painful Worlds of the Chinese Room.”

Videogames For Humans review

Why Dishonored is the best Batman game ever made.

“6 Miserable Games About War That You Need To Play”


“Null State” (Kentucky Route Zero)


“Sony’s Schlocky Slasher Game ‘Until Dawn’ Is Actually A New Horror Classic.”

“There Should Be Blood: A Case For Better Violence in Video Games”

“Unstuck in Time: What Video Games Have To Say About The 1980s”

The Escapist

Learning to Use Your Hands: Disability in Surgeon Simulator

Haywire Magazine

“Constants and Variables (Fire Emblem and Mass Effect)”


If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at jgwaltneiv(AT)gmail(DOT)com or tweet at me (@Hurdyiv)



    • Javy says

      Depends on the content/work load. Email me at jgwaltneivATgmailDOTcom if you want to talk about possible work!

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