Evils Yet Unknown: Correspondence From The City

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A while ago I pitched a story about taxi riding in Grand Theft Auto V to various publications. The idea was simple. I would sit in a taxi in the game for a couple of nights, maybe a week, and I would write about what I saw. Just to see what happened. I called it a digital tourism piece because it sounded fancy and I thought I was being clever. Nobody bit, so I filed the pitch away.

The idea kept coming back to me though. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to do something with the concept. So, my greedy heart be damned, I decided to write the piece for free. Something happened though. I guess you’d call it lycanthropy. My games criticism piece changed, slowly but surely, into some kind of weird, delirious fiction. I wrote it in great hunger and sorrow. I wrote it drunk and sober. I carried it with me for three weeks, thinking about it non-stop. We ran together beneath a full moon. I loved and loathed it and now that it’s done I can finally stick it on the internet and kill it with a silver bullet for good.

Enjoy it. Loathe it. Do what you do. You can download a PDF version or an E-pub version here for free/PWYW.


The Author

Editor at Game Informer. Loves cinema, books, and writing stories.

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