Disability And Gaming Resource List

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Disabilities and games, whether it’s about characters with disabilities in games or people with disabilities playing games, is a subject I’ve been interested in for several years now. Online written work is a bit difficult to find, so I thought I’d throw together a resource list to make it easier for people to find this sort of writing. I’ll check back every couple of weeks or so and update this periodically. –Javy

Writing on Disability and Gaming

“Listen Up: Taking the ‘Video’ out of  ‘Video Game'” –Christina Couch

“Ability, Disability and Dead Space” — Diane Carr

“What It’s Like to Play Games When You’re Colorblind” — Cameron Gidari

“Every Last Bottle Cap: How My OCD Turned Collectibles From Distraction to Obsession.” — Holly Green

“How The Kinect Saved My Health, And Why I Don’t Want To See It Go Away” — Holly Green

“Day In The Life: Disability and Representation” — Javy Gwaltney

“Disability, Diversity, and Evolution in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” — Javy Gwaltney

” Reimagining Disability in Role-Playing Games” — Elsa. S. Henry

“If It Were Any Other Jam, It Would be Illegal: Founders of Accessibility Jam on Disabilities in Gaming” — Courtney Holmes

“Film Victoria Update: a Game Accessibility Success Story” — IGDA

“For Disabled, Video Games Can Be Lifesaver” –Kristin Kalning

“A Look Into Developing Injustice’s Accessibility Mode” –Robert Kingett

“The Struggles and Benefits of Being a Color Blind Gamer” — Bill Lavoy

“Making Magic Happen” — Steve Lubitz

“A Look at Characters With Disabilities” — Brett McCabe

“Red vs. Green: Gaming With Color Blindness” — Kirk McKeand

” The Sense and Nonsense of Haptic Technology in Games” — Jan Jacob Mekes

“How Video Games and Kinect Change The Lives of Disabled People” –Microsoft

“Making Video Games Accessible: Business Justifications and Design Considerations” –Microsoft

“Your Body Isn’t Your World: The Hero of Mad Max and Disability.” — Tauriq Moosa

“Access For All: Meet The Organisations and Developers Supporting Disabled Players” — Richard Moss

“Audio-only game Grail to the Thief Puts a Blind-accessible Spin on Old-school Adventures” — Richard Moss

“Blind Games: The Next Battleground in Accessibility” — Richard Moss

“Haptic Technology: The Next Frontier in Video Games, Wearables, Virtual Reality, and Mobile Electronics” — Richard Moss

“The Healing Power of Video Games” –Richard Moss

“Why Gaming Accessibility Matters” –Richard Moss

“Blind Gamers Are Embracing Developers Who Have an Eye For Accessibility.” — Shaun Musgrave

“Includification: Bringing Video Games to Players With Disabilities” — Kyle Orland

“Different Bodies and Deus Ex: Making Disability The Enemy” –Joe Parlock

“Disability in Gaming: The Problem of Representation” — Joe Parlock

“How Pokemon is a Great Metaphor for Chronic Pain.” –Joe Parlock

“Life is Strange’s Worrying Approach to Disability.” –Joe Parlock

“Us Explains Chronic Fatigue in a Way Spoons Never Could.” –Joe Parlock

“What It’s Like Gaming With Chronic Pain, And Why I Fear The Future” –Joe Parlock

“Writing Characters, Not Symptoms: A Gamer With Autism Discusses What Our Hobby Gets Wrong” –Joe Parlock

“Why I Cried at Fallout 3’s Quest About Disability” — Joe Parlock

“I’m A Disabled Gamer And This Is My Story” –Nicky Regos

“The Unwilling Hardcore: How Video Games Helped Me Battle My OCD” –Christos Reid

Gamers With Disabilities Battle Indifferent Industry” –Jason Schreier

“Beyond Eyes is Held Back by Only Setting Its Sights on The Sighted.” –Carly Smith

“Making Video Games Accessible foe People With Disabilities” –Steve Spohn

“Game Accessibility: What It is And Why It Matters” — Joshua Straub

“One-Button Bayonetta: Disabled Gamers Fight for Inclusion” –Daniel Starkey

“Games Have Basic, Huge Accessibility Problems (That We Celebrate)” — Daniel Starkey

“How L.A. Noire Created The Illusion of an Autistic Protagonist” –Jake Tucker

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Is The Game That Helped Me Survive College.” –Jake Tucker

“Blind Player competes at Evolution, says, ‘If you’re playing me…don’t hold back'” –Ryan Tullis

“Disabled Gamers: Part of your World” — Jordan Erica Webber

“How Octodad Works as an Analogy for Invisible Illness” — Nina White (writing as Ashton Raze)

“Interview – Elaine Biddis on Videogames, Assistive Devices & Accessibility” — Steve Wilcox/ Elaine Biddis

Writing Characters Unlike Me” — Carolyn VanEseltine

Game Changers(purchase required) — Alan Williamson

“A Glimpse Into The Lives of Disabled Gamers” — Kyle Wolmarans

“A Deaf Gamer’s Destiny” — ?

Web Sites

AbleGamers AudioGames



Game Accessibility

Game Accessibility Guidelines Game Critics (has a deaf & hard of hearing  info section for all their reviews)



International Games Developers Association: Game Accessibility  Special Interest Group

Special Effect 

Videojuegos Accesibles 


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