Month: December 2014

Interactive Fiction Fund Guidelines

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Welcome! Feeling the urge to tell a story? Maybe you want your audience to have some part in telling it? Wanna get paid for it? You’re in the right place. These are the submission guidelines for pitching a piece of interactive fiction to The Interactive Fiction Fund (IFF). We’re accepting pitches for March until February  27th.  There’s two criteria for judging pitches editors will use when deciding what piece(s) will be commissioned. 1.  How interesting is the […]

My Favorite Games of 2014

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It’s the time of year where folks are snarking about Game of the Year lists, but I think they have their uses and are fun, so I’m gonna do one. HAH. My Ten Favorite Games From The Year 2014 10. Dragon Age: Inquisition There is no game released this year that I’ve had more ambivalent feelings toward. I love Bioware games. I think fighting the forces of evil while developing your relationships with your fellow quest […]