Month: July 2014

Making You Were Made for Loneliness

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Hey! Javy here. Some people were curious about the formation of You Were Made For Loneliness, so I thought I’d write a small…mediumish post about how the project was developed from beginning to release. Cheers. Conception: You Were Made for What? I have this bad habit–it’s a habit a lot of fiction writers have–where I’ll be chest deep in a project and suddenly become obsessed with some new story that’s been formulating in my head. […]

Those who want you dead…

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Originally posted on <a href="">Deeper in the Game</a>: <br /> I heard an accusation. But what she and my Dad were trying to make me hear was their question:Why do you love a thing that won’t even let you exist within their made up worlds? Pam Noles -Shame The issue for marginalized folks in any geekdom is navigating this issue, all the time, every time: how much of my money do I want to give to people who…